My approach to English to French-Canadian translation, revision, and editing is based on efficiency of communication, concision and logic. I translate meaning, not words.

Why trust me with your translation projects?

My priority is not really to “deliver a job”, but rather to make sure the end reader is able to make good use of the information in order to reach their goals. That is in my opinion the goal of translation, and never losing sight of this keeps me down to the ground, humble and realistic in my work.

Using a diverse and precise vocabulary allows for a more direct injection of meaning, which should be conveyed seamlessly, with fluidity. When you translate meaning (vs words), you can articulate ideas and concepts more efficiently, and according to the spirit and particular logic of the language – all of which make for shorter sentences and texts.

It’s normal that French takes up a bit more space than English because French is a more precise language. But I find that when a translation is more than 15% longer than the source, it is because the translator did not leverage the built-in mechanisms of French to make an efficient and meaningful sentence, but has settled for following the source word for word, without understanding. And this is because the translator who doesn’t understand what they translate feels too uncomfortable to stray from the security of the word to really dive into the meaning.

When the meaning gets lost in translation, it is because the translator does not take the time or make the effort to understand the subject matter. I prefer to make sense of the information before I translate.


The quality of her work was always impeccable and we never hesitated to trust her with large and sensitive projects. I highly recommend her services.

Sylvain Neuvel,

dir. Moz/Onscope

You are an inspiration

S. Neuvel


I am grateful, humbled, and a tad embarassed at all of the time that you spent on this. I feel confident in my ability to express myself well through my writing, but you did a beautiful job of rearranging things and adding some phrases and formatting which better reflect current professional expectations, of which I know very little. I also appreciate and recognize that your changes/additions did not change the essence of what I was trying to portray – they only enhanced it. Thanks so much for your help!

Jeannette Nealy

Registered Nurse

Sa fiabilité, sa recherche sans relâche de l’excellence, sa minutie, son respect des échéanciers, sa rigueur, son professionnalisme sont tous des qualités qui font d’elle une traductrice hors pair. Nous la recommandons sans réserve.

Technitrad CEO

The work was great and the client was happy. I think the final document you provided more than justifies the extra hour. It was a pleasure to work with you and I hope to do it again soon!

A. Hughes


You are amazing!!!!!!!!!. Can I yell? YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! LOL. Regards

e2f tech Project Manager

YOU ROCK!! thank you thank you!

M. Slatery


You are SUCH a joy to work with! SWEEEEEEEEEET!!!

J. Goupille


I’m so happy I found you. Never felt that understood before 🙂

M. Salvi

e2f tech Project Manager

Tu demeures notre préférée, c’est la raison pour laquelle tu as de l’info privilégiée

e2f tech CEO

Il y aura toujours de l’ouvrage pour toi!

e2f tech CEO

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